China 2019 – Day 1, Thursday, 18th July

Well, I am finally here – after a total of 30 hours either in a taxi, on a plane, or a train – or waiting for one of the aforementioned means of transportation to arrive and/or depart!

“Here”… is a lovely little tai chi school in China, Guanxi Province, Yangshuo, Jima Village.

(No I’m not suffering from so much tiredness that I can’t write addresses the right way round anymore, that’s how they do it in China…and when in China…)

It has been said that I am often led by my stomach, so no surprise that I arrived just in time for dinner on the other side of the world.

Followed by a quick look around the school, my room, and the village.

I wisely decided that this evening was to be dedicated to showering and sleeping, one down, one to go….and tomorrow when I arise, refreshed and anew, it’ll be with a glorious day of tai chi ahead of me!


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