Following on from the government announcements this week, I have decided to open up my garden – from now on known as the White Crane Garden – and take baby steps towards the full reopening of WCA.

In addition to one-to-ones, the timetable for the week ahead is as follows:

Kung Fu / Weapons
Wednesday evening
8.10pm – 9.10pm*

Tai Chi / Weapons
Thursday morning

*we will start at 10 past to give me time to finish the online class at 8pm

Your (and my) Safety and Wellbeing

The following strict safety measures will be in place: 
– The classes are limited to four people to allow for the required social distancing measures.
– Access to the garden is from a gate on my driveway and the gate will be opened for you.
– There will be no access to the house, only the driveway and garden.
– Social distancing will be compulsory at all times.
– Any equipment will need to be provided by yourselves.
– Please arrive on time and not early or late.

Booking and Payment

The classes will be priced at the usual class price, so if you are a member, pay for a class pass, or pay for each lesson, we will do it exactly as before.

However, pre-booking is mandatory (via e-mail) and payments are only accepted via bank transfer.

At present, the classes are only for adults.

As a result of limiting these classes to 4 people per class there will be a 24 hour cancellation policy, so that if you cannot make it, I will be able to fill the space.
Should you not be able to make the class and do not let me know 24 hours in advance, you will be charged for the class (unless I can fill the place).
I don’t really like doing this but to make it financially viable for myself and to ensure that everyone who wants to train gets the chance, then it seems fair.

If these classes fill straight away and oversubscribe, I’ll add new classes.

In the event of rain, you’ll get wet. If you’re cold, do some push ups or wear a hoodie. If it’s snowing, we’ll pretend it’s winter and you’re on a mountain somewhere in China in a Kung Fu movie. Toughen up, you’re a martial artist 🙂

To book your place in the White Crane Garden – email

First come, first served!

See you outside!


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