Hi everyone,

Well here we go again – just a little bit less of a frantic scramble to shift things online this time!

Class Timetable Changes and Updates

In light of the announcement yesterday, please note the following…

Skype Classes
All of the Skype classes will remain the same. You can find the timetable for these classes here. New subscribers to these classes are always welcome! You can join in with nearly daily qigong, tai chi, kung fu, fitness, iron shirt conditioning, stretching, tai chi cane, Shaolin staff…. we do a lot of cool stuff!
You also have access to nearly 500 follow along classes via our video library. You can subscribe here.

Weekly Classes
The following classes will be on Zoom until further notice from Thursday:

Kickboxing: 8-9pm

Tai Chi: 12.30-1.30pm
Tai Chi: 5-6pm

Tai Chi: 7-8pm
Kung Fu: 8-9pm

Tai Chi: 11am-12pm

Tai Chi: 10-11am
Kung Fu: 11-12pm

For the duration of the lockdown, the following rules apply: 

For Tiger and Crane memberships, all classes above are included in your membership.

Otherwise, the classes are all £7 a class. You can book into the classes the regular way.

All 5,10,20 class passes will retain whatever is on them at the moment and you’ll be able to use them when the regular in person classes resume. They cannot be transferred to Zoom classes.

If any of the above classes prove to be unpopular with regular low attendance, they will be temporarily cancelled.

Workshops Coming Up

I have to say, I’m pretty gutted about this one but the Chen workshop next Saturday, as well as weapons at the end of this month, will be postponed. We’ll see about the one on 5th December! As soon as I can find a suitable time to fit the workshops in, they will go ahead!

Personal Training and One-to-Ones

I’ve thought long and hard about this one and whilst the new rules do say that no one is allowed to visit my garden for personal training/one-to-ones, it’s a rule I’m not willing to comply with.

As far as I’m concerned, my safety record is impeccable (unlike something like Premier league football, which is allowed to continue despite needing around 150-200 people in a stadium to take part in and facilitate each match).

I can very easily train people in my garden safely. I will be going one step further than previously and temperature checking anyone coming here for training.

So, I’m available for personal training, as normal. The rules do seem to imply that exercising with another person in a park for exercise, so if this is a preferred location, I’m happy to meet in parks.

Stay in Touch

Lockdown can be tough for many, and especially this time as I sit writing this looking out at the wind and rain, a winter lockdown does not seem appealing whatsoever!
So, anyone out there who needs any help, a friendly voice on the end of a phone line, or a chat via text… don’t hesitate to get in touch with me (07834 375776). We’re all in this together!

Also, anyone going through financial problems at this time and still wants to train, I’m always adamant that money isn’t a good enough reason not to train… so please still contact me and we can work something out.

Stay safe, and stay in touch,


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