Summer Tai Chi Afternoons

Instead of a Tai Chi day this year, we will be having two Tai Chi afternoons in the summer.

sunThe two three hour sessions will be focussing on Chi Kung exercises (you will learn a new Chi Kung form), meditation, partnered exercises, martial applications and exploring the Suang Yang form in more depth.

Having such a long time will allow us to delve a little deeper and practice important aspects of Tai Chi that we don’t always get time for in class. It’s also a great opportunity to meet people from other classes and immerse yourself in all things Tai Chi for an afternoon (hopefully lovely summery afternoons!)

They will take place in the Haywards Heath hall on the 28th June and 23rd August from 2-5pm. The cost per session is £25 or £40 if both are attended. You can do one or both sessions.

As an extra bonus local acupuncturist (and Haywards Heath Tai Chi student), Julia Biggs will be giving a talk and teaching some hands on acupressure techniques that you will be able to apply yourselves to help with feeling rooted, energy flow in and out of the body and up the spine as well as generating energy in the Dan Tien (in the August session).

Definitely not to be missed!

For more information speak to Mark or Hamish. Please let us know before the beginning of June whether you will be attending.

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