We understand that it may be a concern for students to come out to class at present, with all of the bad news surrounding Coronavirus.

All of our classes are still taking place but please follow NHS advice and stay away from class if yourself or those around you are showing symptoms. Information can be found here.

Please note that as a safety precaution all contact training has been suspended, all classes are still taking place but we shall be keeping our distance from each other more than usual.

First of all, if anyone in the White Crane Community is stuck at home, needs help, needs shopping, or just a friendly chat in these testing times – just get in touch with Mark on 07834 375776 or mark.stevenson@whitecraneacademy.com

For those who are isolating, in a high risk group, or do not want to leave their house to join a group, we have several ways in which you can continue your training and progress in your Tai Chi and/or Kung Fu practice.

1 – Discounted training via Skype

This is either one-to-one, or small groups. You can join up with several other students to split the cost of the session – up to 4 people per session.

You can all be at your own homes, connecting onto the one call.

A Skype session with Mark – in either Tai Chi of Kung Fu – for March and April (at least!) is available for the reduced price of £20.

2 – Record and correct

You can record yourself going through your Tai Chi of Kung Fu forms and send in to Mark for detailed feedback and corrections, these will be returned to you in the form of video and an email.

The cost of this depends on how much content you would like to send to be corrected – please email mark.stevenson@whitecraneacademy.com to discuss.

3 – Online training plans via email

If you would like a weekly training plan to help you commit to keeping your training regular, even from home, for £10 per week you can receive a detailed plan, send in comments and feedback on your training – and receive tips, advice and an updated plan for the next week.

This could be for fitness, Kung Fu, Tai Chi – or a combination.

Again, email Mark for more details and to get started.

4 – White Crane Online

We have our own dedicated online training portal – White Crane Online – where you can learn Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation online.

Those already training with Mark or Hamish in their Tai Chi classes can subscribe for £5 per month. Click here.

Anyone wishing to start their Tai Chi training and do not attend classes, the cost is £9.99 per month. Click here.

However, as we would like all of our students to remain as fit and healthy as possible, we are offering a first month free – just use the code STAYWELL when you check out.

If you need help registering or getting started with this, please contact Mark for assistance.
What You Need for Skype Lessons

You will need a Skype account and to add Mark (username: markgstevenson) as a contact.

Enough space to perform your warm ups, and either Tai Chi or Kung Fu forms.

Payments can be made over the phone, or via bank transfer.

Email mark.stevenson@whitecraneacademy.com for more details or to book in your first session!

(If you need instructions or help setting any of this up, then we can get you up and running).


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