Day 27 – Modern Day Self Defence

China 2019 - Day 27, Tuesday, 13th August Today has been my last day at the tai chi school and as ever you have mixed emotions about these things. Sad that the training has come to an end, I will miss Masters Ping and Kim and many of the students...and of course there will be … Continue reading Day 27 – Modern Day Self Defence

Day 26 – Tai Chi, Forms and Principles

China 2019 - Day 26, Monday, 12th August Thoughts on Learning Forms, Principles, Eastern/Western Instructors, and Health and Martial Tai Chi So the Chen 74 form and the broadsword form moves have all been shown to me now - notice that I am hesitant to say that I have learnt them, as yet! That's a … Continue reading Day 26 – Tai Chi, Forms and Principles

Day 12 – Martial Discipline

China 2019 - Day 12, Monday, 29th July Back into the weekday routine and it seems to go something like this: wake up, revise Mandarin, training, lunch, Mandarin lesson, have a coffee, training, dinner, bike ride (taking photos), training, writing/reading, sleep... If there's a Groundhog Day scenario that I could quite happily go along with, … Continue reading Day 12 – Martial Discipline