Tào Lù and the Platonic World of Forms

套路 - tàolù Taolu is the pinyin romanisation of 套路. In this context 'tào' is a classifying word for anything regarding sets or collections of things, 'lù' is a journey, road, path. In English we speak of martial arts forms, sets, routines. The Japanese term 'kata' is often used also. Plato was of course the … Continue reading Tào Lù and the Platonic World of Forms

Martial Qigong

Welcome to another edition of the weekly White Crane Online blog. Over the past few weeks we have been exploring topics in and around the theme of Taoism. Last week I introduced the core concept of Qi (if you missed it, you might want to read it here first) and I explained a little bit … Continue reading Martial Qigong

Day 27 – Modern Day Self Defence

China 2019 - Day 27, Tuesday, 13th August Today has been my last day at the tai chi school and as ever you have mixed emotions about these things. Sad that the training has come to an end, I will miss Masters Ping and Kim and many of the students...and of course there will be … Continue reading Day 27 – Modern Day Self Defence