Review of the recent Tai Chi course

After 6 weeks of training the beginners’ Tai Chi course drew to a close last week.

It was great to work with a very enthusiastic group of students, all very keen to either start to explore Tai Chi or try out a different style to what they had previously practiced. As with most Tai Chi classes, the students came from very diverse backgrounds but one of the great things about the gentle art, is that it’s suitable for everyone!

At the end of the course the students all left knowing the first 4 moves of Suang Yang Bai Her Rou Ruan Chuan (Frost and Sun White Crane Gentle Art), as well as a routine of Qigong exercises and  joint mobility movements that they can practice regularly and reap the benefits.

I’m already looking forward to the next course (as well as other future courses on different topics!) starting next year. So if you missed this one, book early next time as places will be limited.

So thanks to everyone who attended and thanks to Ben Aru-Bayliss who helped out every week and did a great job!

See you in class,


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