The Transformative Power of Yi Jin Jing Qigong: A Journey to Inner Strength

In the realm of qigong, a practice rooted in Chinese culture and aimed at cultivating energy and vitality, the Yi Jin Jing (Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic) form stands out as a potent and transformative exercise. Yi translates as change/transform, Jin refers to the muscles/tendons/sinews, and Jing means classic or sutra. Originating from the Shaolin temple, Yi … Continue reading The Transformative Power of Yi Jin Jing Qigong: A Journey to Inner Strength

History and Benefits of Chen Tai Chi

Those who are new to tai chi may well not realise that there are several different styles, some of which can look and feel very different.    At the end of the day, if the style is taught well, the benefits are pretty much the same but you may want to spend some time investigating … Continue reading History and Benefits of Chen Tai Chi

Martial Qigong

Welcome to another edition of the weekly White Crane Online blog. Over the past few weeks we have been exploring topics in and around the theme of Taoism. Last week I introduced the core concept of Qi (if you missed it, you might want to read it here first) and I explained a little bit … Continue reading Martial Qigong

Day 27 – Modern Day Self Defence

China 2019 - Day 27, Tuesday, 13th August Today has been my last day at the tai chi school and as ever you have mixed emotions about these things. Sad that the training has come to an end, I will miss Masters Ping and Kim and many of the students...and of course there will be … Continue reading Day 27 – Modern Day Self Defence

Day 8 – Stand like a Tree

China 2019 - Day 8, Thursday, 25th July So I have to confess that today I woke up feeling a little weary (yes, it does happen!) and that in combination with a very hot morning first thing, meant a rather slow and sluggish feeling when I started training. Personally I'm not a breakfast person, so … Continue reading Day 8 – Stand like a Tree

Spring and the Wood Element

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we are now heading into the Wood element and this changing of the season from winter to spring brings with it a renewing of energy, a rebirth and a new beginning.   Spring always gives me a (for want of a better word) spring in my step and … Continue reading Spring and the Wood Element

Tai Chi and Parkinson’s

What is Parkinson’s? The NHS sites the three prominent symptoms of Parkinson’s as being ‘an involuntary shaking of particular parts of the body (tremor), slow movement, as well as stiff and inflexible muscles’. From these main indicators spring a multitude of further complications - physical and psychological - which can have a detrimental effect on … Continue reading Tai Chi and Parkinson’s


Okay so let’s get the two most important and commonly asked questions out of the way first: What does it mean? How do you say it? You will see it translated as ‘Energy Work’, ‘Energy Cultivation’, ‘Working with Energy’, ‘Energy Life Cultivation’ - and other similar terms. It is often difficult to directly translate ideas … Continue reading Qigong