Martial Qigong

Welcome to another edition of the weekly White Crane Online blog. Over the past few weeks we have been exploring topics in and around the theme of Taoism. Last week I introduced the core concept of Qi (if you missed it, you might want to read it here first) and I explained a little bit … Continue reading Martial Qigong

Day 17.5 – A Quick Mandarin Lesson

China 2019 - Day 17.5, Saturday, 3rd AugustThere is sometimes a little bit of confusion as to what the difference between tai chi, tai chi chuan, taiji, and taijiquan is. They are all the Romanisation of the Hanzi script - just a different standard. The Wade-Giles system was developed in the mid 19th century by … Continue reading Day 17.5 – A Quick Mandarin Lesson


Okay so let’s get the two most important and commonly asked questions out of the way first: What does it mean? How do you say it? You will see it translated as ‘Energy Work’, ‘Energy Cultivation’, ‘Working with Energy’, ‘Energy Life Cultivation’ - and other similar terms. It is often difficult to directly translate ideas … Continue reading Qigong