Busy summer ahead…

Well summer seems to be upon us and as well as the World Cup, barbecues, holidays, Wimbledon, gardening and all the other regular British summertime activities, there are plenty of activities to get involved with here at WCA!

We are kicking off the summer in style tomorrow with the first of two Haywards Heath Tai Chi afternoons (the second one is in August). We’ll be doing lots of Tai Chi related training and focusing on elements of the style that we don’t always get the chance to do in class. As an additional treat, in the August session, we’ve got Julia Biggs from http://www.juliabiggsacupuncture.co.uk giving a talk/demonstration on acupuncture and acupressure. Definitely not to be missed.sun


For the Kung Fu enthusiasts, there is the August Kung Fu grading, which is very exciting – a chance to come and show off what you have learnt – then progress onto the next level. For the first time, the grading with be with both adults and children.

There is a Tai Chi masterclass in East Preston, it has become a summer tradition now for the club to do an extra class or two there – and with the new class for beginners going strong, I suspect it will be a popular event….. places will be limited though, so book in early to avoid disappointment!

So…. lots going on, as well as the regular classes, which continue as normal all through the summer months (you don’t think I’d be kind enough to give you a rest, do you!?)

Then the autumn/winter will bring a Chinese fencing masterclass, another kettlebell and battlerope masterclass and the second Kung Fu grading of the year…. but lets enjoy the summer first before we start thinking about that!


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