Let Tai Chi Improve Your Life!

I published this earlier on my personal blog http://www.dailycupofchi.com – I thought I would post it here on the WCA site as well…


One of the most rewarding things about being a martial arts instructor is seeing your students progressively improve over the weeks/months/years that they train, it’s very pleasing to see them get to grips with new moves and techniques, become fitter, more flexible and stronger but perhaps more worthwhile is when a student takes you to one side and tells you how their martial arts training has improved their life and overall health.

This week I was delighted when one of my students told me that her normally high blood pressure had been tested recently and since she’d started Tai Chi training (about 18 months ago) it had dropped to a 30 year low!


Tai Chi practice, with its deep breathing and slow movements, is well known to be a great way to relieve stress and learn how to relax better. Being an aerobic in nature it has shown to lower blood pressure almost as much as more intense aerobic activities such as brisk walking.

For me, the real benefits of Tai Chi (or any other martial art) begin to appear when they pervade your everyday life. If you stick with your training, train sensibly then you will certainly find benefits that go beyond superficial techniques and movements, it will improve your life in areas you hadn’t imagined. Sure, we all read about the benefits but it’s only when it becomes personal to you – and you get that penny dropping moment when you think, ‘oh yeah this actually works’!

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