Building Strength for the Older Student

Almost weekly I’m finding new articles online which outline the incredible benefits - and utmost importance - of being strong as we mature.  I speak to my tai chi students in the 60+ age range about this quite a lot and the general consensus is that they would love to be stronger but either have … Continue reading Building Strength for the Older Student

Three Reasons I Love Training with Kettlebells

My personal training clients will know well that I am an ardent fan of kettlebell training and the striking improvements to overall strength and fitness that you can attain with regular practice. Always a lover of the unconventional and slightly strange (hope my partner doesn’t read this!), when I first encountered the kettlebell almost two … Continue reading Three Reasons I Love Training with Kettlebells

History and Benefits of Chen Tai Chi

Those who are new to tai chi may well not realise that there are several different styles, some of which can look and feel very different.    At the end of the day, if the style is taught well, the benefits are pretty much the same but you may want to spend some time investigating … Continue reading History and Benefits of Chen Tai Chi

Spring and the Wood Element

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we are now heading into the Wood element and this changing of the season from winter to spring brings with it a renewing of energy, a rebirth and a new beginning.   Spring always gives me a (for want of a better word) spring in my step and … Continue reading Spring and the Wood Element

Tai Chi and Diabetes

Diabetes awareness and helping those living with the condition remain healthy and in control is something which I personally feel very passionate about.   My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes when she was 7 years old and despite being a very difficult time for her and the whole family (she’d been … Continue reading Tai Chi and Diabetes

Tai Chi and Parkinson’s

What is Parkinson’s? The NHS sites the three prominent symptoms of Parkinson’s as being ‘an involuntary shaking of particular parts of the body (tremor), slow movement, as well as stiff and inflexible muscles’. From these main indicators spring a multitude of further complications - physical and psychological - which can have a detrimental effect on … Continue reading Tai Chi and Parkinson’s

Corporate Self Defence Workshops

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching two self defence seminars at 1st Central in Haywards Heath, a large insurance company. As a part of their wellness programme, staff asked to learn self defence. It's a very difficult thing to teach in 60 minute sessions but we worked on several important aspects such as: … Continue reading Corporate Self Defence Workshops