Chat GPT and Tai Chi

I asked Chat GPT, "write a blog about tai chi" and here is what it came up with.... Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chuan, is a traditional Chinese martial art that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a gentle form of exercise that involves slow, flowing movements and deep breathing. … Continue reading Chat GPT and Tai Chi

Spring and the Wood Element

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we are now heading into the Wood element and this changing of the season from winter to spring brings with it a renewing of energy, a rebirth and a new beginning.   Spring always gives me a (for want of a better word) spring in my step and … Continue reading Spring and the Wood Element

Thoughts on Training and Travel in China

I have been meaning to write down some thoughts about my travels in China back in December and January but as the year has got off to a light-speed start, and we suddenly find ourselves entering the tail end of February, it feels as though a travelogue is a little late already from a trip … Continue reading Thoughts on Training and Travel in China


Okay so let’s get the two most important and commonly asked questions out of the way first: What does it mean? How do you say it? You will see it translated as ‘Energy Work’, ‘Energy Cultivation’, ‘Working with Energy’, ‘Energy Life Cultivation’ - and other similar terms. It is often difficult to directly translate ideas … Continue reading Qigong

Why bother with traditional Chinese weapons training?

As any club that teaches the traditional Chinese martial arts should do, here at WCA we offer the opportunity to train with a variety of weapons. It's interesting to see the reaction of new students when they first entertain the notion of weapons training. Broadly speaking they seem to fall into three camps, as far … Continue reading Why bother with traditional Chinese weapons training?

Different Tai Chi styles…

The Main Types of Tai Chi (and the rare White Crane style) When looking for a Tai Chi class to attend a quick search online will return a whole host of clubs offering classes, quite often all of them are a different style of Tai Chi. So what are the main styles and how are … Continue reading Different Tai Chi styles…