Okay so let’s get the two most important and commonly asked questions out of the way first: What does it mean? How do you say it? You will see it translated as ‘Energy Work’, ‘Energy Cultivation’, ‘Working with Energy’, ‘Energy Life Cultivation’ - and other similar terms. It is often difficult to directly translate ideas … Continue reading Qigong

Benefits of Cross Training in Tai Chi

This blog post is reproduced from our sister site White Crane Online - where you can learn Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation online...   Whilst Tai Chi is a wonderful activity to integrate into your life, there are – apparently – other things that people enjoy doing – so I am told! 🙂 For many … Continue reading Benefits of Cross Training in Tai Chi

New Blog Post: Learn How To Play!

The school holidays are here and with the amazing weather here in the UK, the parks are full of families. This week just gone, I spent a day by the coast in Brighton and some of which was at a playground with climbing frames, slides, seesaws, etc… As soon as we entered the area, my … Continue reading New Blog Post: Learn How To Play!

Busy summer ahead…

Well summer seems to be upon us and as well as the World Cup, barbecues, holidays, Wimbledon, gardening and all the other regular British summertime activities, there are plenty of activities to get involved with here at WCA! We are kicking off the summer in style tomorrow with the first of two Haywards Heath Tai … Continue reading Busy summer ahead…

Kettlebell Masterclass 2014

Always one of the most popular 'non-curriculum' events is the kettlebell masterclass. On Saturday 24th May we'll be meeting for a two hour session in Haywards Heath (1-3pm) for this years event. We'll be concentrating on basic kettlebell lifting and how they apply to martial arts, which exercises offer the best carry over into your … Continue reading Kettlebell Masterclass 2014

Learning from your mistakes…

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”  ― Albert Einstein  One of the main barricades for new students starting a class is that they are worried they may make lots of mistakes in front of other people. It’s a valid concern but what is often not taken into consideration is that … Continue reading Learning from your mistakes…

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Cross training is an oft-mentioned term in the health, fitness and martial arts world and not without good reason. It is a great way to vary your training, keeping it interesting, helping you remain injury free or rehabilitate existing injuries. It allows you to develop skills and experience in other areas of training, while improving … Continue reading Benefits of Martial Arts Training

The Importance of Self Defence

The essence of the traditional martial arts is self-defence. With regular and diligent practice of tai chi and kung fu, you will develop practical skills that (Heaven forbid) you may need to use to defend yourself one day in an extreme situation. As unlikely as this potential situation might be in this day and age, … Continue reading The Importance of Self Defence

The benefits of the kettlebell swing for a martial artist

Those of you who have trained in classes at WCA or with myself personally in one to one training sessions, will know that I am advocate of adding kettlebells to your routine. I don't think they are the be all and end all of strength and fitness training but from my own experience I do … Continue reading The benefits of the kettlebell swing for a martial artist