Day 20 – Strength Within

China 2019 - Day 20, Tuesday, 6th AugustThe temperature has soared back up but I do love the training here in a humid 37C, which is said to feel more like 42C today according to my phone app! One thing I like about martial arts is that you train for imperfection, and when situations are … Continue reading Day 20 – Strength Within

Day 12 – Martial Discipline

China 2019 - Day 12, Monday, 29th July Back into the weekday routine and it seems to go something like this: wake up, revise Mandarin, training, lunch, Mandarin lesson, have a coffee, training, dinner, bike ride (taking photos), training, writing/reading, sleep... If there's a Groundhog Day scenario that I could quite happily go along with, … Continue reading Day 12 – Martial Discipline